Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Santa isn't coming this year

Getting over the one you are in love with is the hardest thing in the world. I never knew how incredibly difficult it would be. I've tried so many things, lots of suggestions from people, and even my own ideas. I feel as though in some ways it's even more trying than dealing with the loss of a loved one because the loved one is still around somewhere charismatically gracing everyone else with their warmth and love and I'm the only one stuck here without it. That's a difficult truth to consume. It's funny how many songs I've listened to for years I just now fully understand. What a crazy world we live in, I can't wait until January 29 and our exit from this world for almost 2 months. I have a feeling I'm going to appreciate touring the United States so much more this time which is why it really excites me.

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  1. Getting over something as deep as love is definitely an incredibly difficult thing to overcome... and while everyone has their own method of coping and pulling through, those methods usually are unique to each individual. It takes awhile to find your own. I know the saying that "time heals all wounds" is almost a slap in the face, and I know that time is an absolute bitch... but as painful as it is to accept, time is really the only thing you can rely on to pull you through. That, and your own personal willpower. Remember: it's the hardest things in life and how we both approach and deal with them that inevitably define who we are.