Monday, January 5, 2009

here we go

wow I just keep getting shit on?  Well, today it's not taking me cause I'm going to take it.  I know who to trust now, I know who my friends are, maybe i won't forgive, but I will do everything I can to forget.  It's all in my hands not on anyone else's terms.  I am me I do what I want now.  I'm in total control and it feels good.  I decided today that I'm definitely going on our next tours which are booked.  Music is what I love and I'm not letting someone ruin that for me.  Not a chance.  I can count on one hand here today the only things that matter to me anyway.  I'm going to win this battle.  I know who is there for me and who isn't.   So many people have been amazingly supportive and it really helped me out.  I owe a shit ton to Jarrett, Jon, Nick Joyce and Okie.  They really picked me up when I was down and reminded me what is real and what I've got is an amazing thing.  Thank you guys.  You are the best.

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  1. I like the change in attitude.. Being the bigger person and being positive about everything/everyone you DO have in your life is the best way to be! You'll go much further being thankful ;-)