Sunday, March 1, 2009

Australia, wow.

I decided to wait until pretty much the end of our Australian trip to create an entry. So here goes....
The trip began in Brisbane, home of the lovely Greg Jard of Blow Hard. We arrived at a luxurious hotel and immediately headed out to downtown. All of us walked around a bit, had a beer, ran into Less Than Jake and New Found Glory (who were out buying their own cd since it came out that day in AU). We had some fun at some "interesting" "bars" (read: ask me about it and I'll tell you) and went to sleep. Next day was the first Soundwave festival date. Our stage was set back a bit in what looked like a little tree alcove and was actually really nice because of the landscape and grass cover. We arrived early and caught some of Ace Enders' set and then watched all of Jack's Mannequin. Both we're awesome. I got to talk to Andrew for a minute which was pretty sweet because I have always heard he is a sweet dude. I had a walk around the rest of the stages to see what is was like and ending up catching so Unearth by accident which was cool since they turned out to be awesome dudes we'd share a dressing room with later. I headed back to our stage after tasting some vegemite with our catering and being completely disgusted by it. I watched Innerpatysystem and Valencia at our stage and then we were to play. Our time was 6:20 everyday which was pretty awesome since the only bands we were competing with were all bands of the metal/hardcore genre. We had an amazing crowd in Brisbane...the whole area was filled and people seemed to be really into it, as were we. As we played the sun was setting and it was just a really incredible vibe. After playing I met Saves the Day, one being Thomas who was in Forgive Durden which was funny cause last time I saw him we were together in Australia. We then headed over to watch Alkaline Trio from the stage which was utterly phenomenal. After them we all headed back to the hotel and went out to find some trouble. Ended up finding out Keith Buckley of Every Time I Die is a fan of our band and the singer from Poison the Well is a super nice dude. Good first show night if you ask me.
Next day we flew to Sydney for another soundwave fest. This one was at a racetrack and was set up with all the dressing rooms a short shuttle ride from the stages. Our stage was awesome because it was in the middle of all of them and you had to walk past it to get to most others. Greg did sound for us and totally killed it. The crowd was huge and wayyyy awesome to us and responsive. We had girls in bikinis on shoulders clapping and dancing like you'd see at a GnR concert or something. I didnt get to watch many bands this day because the stages were hard to get to and there were so many people and so much sun that it was trying. We ended up meeting up with our friends Brian and Michelle from Florida and going out to the "afterparty" where we were told it would be free drinks, but in reality it was just a bunch of band dudes buying their own deathwish. It was a good time, we drank pitchers of beers to ourselves and just talked to random people.
I didn't budget my time properly with this entry so i'll have to finish it later....

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