Sunday, June 14, 2009

i hope i won't be there in the end when you come around.

The signs were all there. We all pretty much saw this coming it was just a question of how soon or when is enough. Another chapter in my life is finished, but I'd say this was the bulk of the book so far. I think in my head I knew it was getting closer to a time to call it off, but in my heart I wanted it to keep going. Okie and I decided that after losing 2 members if any of the 3 of us remaining were to quit that we'd call it all off. Josh quit. Just worn out of getting friends to fill in, it became more of a joke vacation trip then a goal to reach people. I had some great ideas in my head of music and plan to play with others to get them out. It's probably not my calling but it's definitely something for which I live.

Thanks to my great friends who definitely know who they are. I can't believe the overflow of support I've received in e-mails. It's overwhelming in an incredibly positive way. It was a great run...almost too much fun. Here's to the memories. Here's to Nick Joyce for sticking through something crazy us. He defines loyalty.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Rain washes the world anew. The slate is clean today so paint a new day onto the earth.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


I was pretty excited to go to brunch in the city with Nick today, but it fell through. I was actually going to get to see my old friend Nicole too which also excited me. Maybe instead I'll finally start doing the things I think of at night before I fall asleep. I want to read that book outside in the sun and I really want to ride my bike and explore East Rutherford more. I really want to write that song that people hear and get excited about. I'm really focusing on lyrics lately and I hope it shows someday.

Monday, March 30, 2009

i've been touring since the year 2000. i do what i do because i love it. it's funny how smart kids think they are these days. i'll keep on truckin' along doing my thing and watch it all change around me, but i'll never change. i'm 27 years old and i'm still 18 at heart. no one can stop this force...i'm the real one.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

I don't know if I'll ever get around to finishing my Australian blog seeing as it's been almost a month and a lot of the fun little memories have washed away. I love how all of these awesome dudes are getting up in arms about that band brokencyde. It's cool to see people I respect feeling and thinking things I do. Just give me the real deal- the Bouncing Souls.

Been home for a week or so and it's pretty fun. Haven't really been taking it too easy, just full speed ahead.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Australia, wow.

I decided to wait until pretty much the end of our Australian trip to create an entry. So here goes....
The trip began in Brisbane, home of the lovely Greg Jard of Blow Hard. We arrived at a luxurious hotel and immediately headed out to downtown. All of us walked around a bit, had a beer, ran into Less Than Jake and New Found Glory (who were out buying their own cd since it came out that day in AU). We had some fun at some "interesting" "bars" (read: ask me about it and I'll tell you) and went to sleep. Next day was the first Soundwave festival date. Our stage was set back a bit in what looked like a little tree alcove and was actually really nice because of the landscape and grass cover. We arrived early and caught some of Ace Enders' set and then watched all of Jack's Mannequin. Both we're awesome. I got to talk to Andrew for a minute which was pretty sweet because I have always heard he is a sweet dude. I had a walk around the rest of the stages to see what is was like and ending up catching so Unearth by accident which was cool since they turned out to be awesome dudes we'd share a dressing room with later. I headed back to our stage after tasting some vegemite with our catering and being completely disgusted by it. I watched Innerpatysystem and Valencia at our stage and then we were to play. Our time was 6:20 everyday which was pretty awesome since the only bands we were competing with were all bands of the metal/hardcore genre. We had an amazing crowd in Brisbane...the whole area was filled and people seemed to be really into it, as were we. As we played the sun was setting and it was just a really incredible vibe. After playing I met Saves the Day, one being Thomas who was in Forgive Durden which was funny cause last time I saw him we were together in Australia. We then headed over to watch Alkaline Trio from the stage which was utterly phenomenal. After them we all headed back to the hotel and went out to find some trouble. Ended up finding out Keith Buckley of Every Time I Die is a fan of our band and the singer from Poison the Well is a super nice dude. Good first show night if you ask me.
Next day we flew to Sydney for another soundwave fest. This one was at a racetrack and was set up with all the dressing rooms a short shuttle ride from the stages. Our stage was awesome because it was in the middle of all of them and you had to walk past it to get to most others. Greg did sound for us and totally killed it. The crowd was huge and wayyyy awesome to us and responsive. We had girls in bikinis on shoulders clapping and dancing like you'd see at a GnR concert or something. I didnt get to watch many bands this day because the stages were hard to get to and there were so many people and so much sun that it was trying. We ended up meeting up with our friends Brian and Michelle from Florida and going out to the "afterparty" where we were told it would be free drinks, but in reality it was just a bunch of band dudes buying their own deathwish. It was a good time, we drank pitchers of beers to ourselves and just talked to random people.
I didn't budget my time properly with this entry so i'll have to finish it later....

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

santa claus ana

We're lucky enough to be crashing at charlie's house in santa ana for the next day or two before we leave for Australia. The first half of the tour is over and it went really well. I have had plenty of time to think about tools in new jersey and good people in new jersey and work things out in my head. It's all just funny to me now. Life reveals truths in maniacal ways, but that's alright by me. I've got my head on straight now.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Jimmy wants to go to California to see the dinosaurs and hold his little lunchbox

We drove 20 hours yesterday to get to San Diego. We got in around 8 am and have been relaxing in a hotel for the day. We finally reached burger mecca that is In n Out Burger and I enjoyed a delectable cheeseburger and animal style fries. Uhm, it rocked. Tonight we're play House of Blues, side room, in San Diego. Hopefully it's sweet I mean it is a Friday night. Been worrying about where we're going to stow our van and trailer when we fly to Australia on Wednesday, so hopefully that will be worked out very soon.

Austin was a lot of fun. We finally got to play Emo's and it was actually a pretty damn good show. I saw a bunch of friends and hung out at a bar and then my friend Candice and her gracious roommates put us all up in their college house. We played some game called washers which is kind of like a bean bag carnival game except it involves drinking and giant metal washers. SO i guess the only thing similar is the act of throwing something in a hole. It was enjoyable.

This weekend we have four straight shows and then we're off on Tuesday and fly out to Australia Wednesday. Wow, it's going to be amazing. The bands on the festival are unreal. It's like, let me pick the bands that you would all be jealous of playing with. They did it.

Ok so we're off to the show in a bit...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Plano hi? Austin Hi. Rex Manning Hi!

Last night we played in Plano at the Door which is some hole in the wall venue in a strip mall. The place was pretty off and the water tasted like, as Okie put it, someone had dumped fresh lawn cuttings into it. After a dismal start it actually turned out to be an OK turnout. We met about 7 old college friends from UT Arlington and drank at some Greek grille next door. Went through about 4 rounds with them, witnessed a massive storm with tornado watches coming through too, loaded up and drove back to the hotel. Tonight we're going to Austin. I'm pretty excited to see my friends Chelsey, Candice, and Jonathon London tonight. We're all crashing at Candice's place with her 5 girl roommates. Ha ha ha. Should be an interesting night. I'll check back in soon with some stellar updates, hopefully. One of the last timea we played in Austin I ended up stealing a keg with Kenny and got into some fun at the sixth street bars. Tonight will be good.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

texas and warm butter

Here I sit in our first hotel room of the tour. Josh pricelined the most amazing hotel for 36 bucks. Looks like we got that part down pretty well. We've stayed all over the place and it's been ridiculously awesome. Great friends, great times. Sometimes I feel like I could stay out here on the road forever. Of course there are some things and people I miss back home, though. Australia is coming so soon and I'm still going crazy over getting to play two side shows with New Found Glory. Dude, New Found Glory...woh woah woah woh

Sunday, February 8, 2009

27 and alive.

This tour has been the most fun I've had on a tour in a long time. There is no BS and no random crap. Yesterday we all hung out at brian and michelle's for my birthday and tons of people came and hung and drank and sang and played games and it was amazing. Things couldn't really get much better. Everyone is getting along great and just loving it. It's refreshing to be touring with some new friends who really revive the spirit of touring. The shows have been really fun and a lot of kids are even coming out. SO much more still to look forward to. Loving life...nothin can stop us now

Monday, February 2, 2009

Day 5

I'm sitting in my old friend Molly's house in Parkton, MD where we all enjoyed beers and superbowl times. The three shows thus far have been amazing, way better than we had hoped for or expected. If it's a sign of things to come, I'm excited. I got to see a lot of friends in Baltimore which was awesome. We finally figured out a good set for ourselves too. Finally (good) things are happening....

Thursday, January 29, 2009


I declare I don't care no more...

I'd say I smoked the brains from my head last night. To the "alkaline" trio - I bid thee farewell. To the conch boys - I bid thee farewell. I'll miss the sing-a-longs and the great times and great talks and great tanks. It's a beautiful day out, a great beginning.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

take me here and leave me.